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Its been 25 years since I first discovered a major release was recorded on one of my guitars. It turned out to be a classic solo guitar recording.

I'm not sure where things would have gone had I not been part of Solo Guitar, Earl is one of the leading guitarist in the world over the last 40 years. I was told 12 guitars were auditioned for the project, in the end 2 of my guitars were used. mostly just one, a cedar top I made in 1986. 

I was thrilled when I learned that Earl recorded a duet on Midnight in San Jaun using one of  my guitars with Toots Theilemans. The legend of the harmonica.

In the summer of 92 I made Earl my first Resonator guitar,  like the one in this cover photo.


 It was only because of his desire to have this special sound that this model became a part of my career.

Over the last number of years a guitar I made for Earl in 1991 has been his main stage instrument. Artistic relationships transcend any form of marketing. 


For a quarter century Earl has  been a major part of my legacy as a guitar maker.

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