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Marc Antoine


These two recordings are of the same Super Ace, both uplugged.  One is in a recording studio and the other, live on stage at full volume.


Marc has earned his place as a guitarist of note over a career filled with projects you've likely heard.  


From his projects with Sting, Basia, and Selena, to movie sound track for Clint Eastwood and many other projects, Marc has risen audibly over an amazing career.


As a solo artist he has established air play in the contemporary jazz market, and his numerous releases stand out in the instrumental music genre.  


I've known no more inspiring a history of a guitarist.   Marc severed every tendon to his left hand in an accident.  Surgically repaired, he was not expected to ever play guitar again.  


Well, he sure looks like he can play here. 


Marc is an inspiration.    



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