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Peter White

I named this guitar "White On White" during its construction.  Then the day it was delivered Peter shortened it to WOW!


Making a white guitar with its own visual aesthetic is challenging.   I searched for visual accentuations that are unique.  It dawned on me one day that natural visual accents would contrast well against the uniform appearance of white.  I chose a dramatic material from South America, snakewood. The bindings are made from snakewood with black and white celluloid lines to border the white panels. The headstock overlay is snakewood as is the bridge.


I used composite turquoise to add a pastel accent and blended it with abalone and black M.O.P. to create a blue-green pastel contrast.


Stage lighting inspired the LED circuit in order to light up the position markers along the edge of the fretboard to overcome glare on stage.


This 2013 model is a one of a kind guitar.

It was an honor to make Peter an instrument to commemorate 15 years of his artistry with the Super Ace.


Thank you, Peter, for making the Super Ace

your sound.    --Paul

White on White

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