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Much Ado


For many years I have had the good fortune of selling guitars to many wonderful guitarists and performers.  

I have also been approached many times by well known guitarists who have inquired about artist deals, but it would not be fair to those who buy guitars from me to give away guitars to others and diminish their commitment to my work.  


Many who have bought my guitars could play free guitars given to them by other guitar making entities.

I feel the guitarists here have an honest relationship with my guitars and value them as instruments to serve their needs beyond the lure of marketing opportunities.  I so appreciate these performers for their recognition and appreciation of my work.    


With all the Pay for Play  going on in the market,   I have come to understand  that the value of endorsements has faded.   Artistic relationships are much more valuable to me even if no one recognized the guitars I provide.  


I would not want anyone to think the artists presented here have made special endorsement deals with me for their instruments.  



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